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NACA: Northwood Appold Community Academy
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Dear NACA / Freedom and Democracy Schools Parents and Students:


We hope your summer has been outstanding, and we are looking forward to a great 2011-2012 School Year!

As you may know, the coming school year will be NACA I's seventh year and NACA II's third year.  All along the way, NACA Inc. and The Freedom and Democracy Schools Foundation have given the schools wise guidance and solid support.  From 2004 through the present, incredible accomplishments have emerged; and we are positioned to build on and expand upon those accomplishments this year.

Your presence and your contribution will prove pivotal this year, and we are confident you are prepared to perform at a very high level.  As always, you will be respected and honored.  Additionally, as always, while we will all be working within NACA's Freedom and Democracy Vision, doing all we can to help you/your child excel, we will also need you to do your best and give your best.  As we work together, we will all excel and succeed together.

NACA's / The Freedom and Democracy Schools’ original and ongoing promises to parents and students are simple yet serious; and we need you to help us make the promises real:

The Freedom and Democracy Schools respect all people, and it is necessary that all people respect The Freedom and Democracy Schools.

The Freedom and Democracy Schools offer educational rigor that results in academic and intellectual excellence.

The Freedom and Democracy Schools cultivate advanced character development.

The Freedom and Democracy Schools offer a peaceful school climate and an academic-centered school culture.

The Freedom and Democracy Schools prepare students to make a living and a life, with a continuous emphasis on Freedom and Democracy.

The Freedom and Democracy Schools' students show up in the world as people of integrity, dependable servant leaders, and constructive global citizens.

Each year, a particular theme guides and undergirds our effort/work/service.  This year’s theme is set forth below:

NACA's/The Freedom and Democracy Schools' Year Seven:

A Climate and Culture of Excellence, Everyday

As you know, NACA is a college preparatory school.  We help you get your child ready to attend the college or university of her/his choice.  NACA is also a charter school.  That means our students must perform well/score high on the MSAs.  This year, we –- all NACA staff, all NACA parents, and all NACA students -- will keep those two most important goals in front of us:

(1) equipping your children/our students with the skills that will enable them to go to college; and

(2) preparing your children/our students to perform well and score high on the MSAs.

With constant focus, we will accomplish both goals this school year -- and every year thereafter.

This year, your child’s Journey to College begins for some and resumes for others.  The Journey will be a demanding journey and a fun journey. Here at NACA, we are ready for The Journey.

Once more, welcome to NACA!  Welcome to The Freedom and Democracy Schools!

Respectfully For The Board Directors,

Principal Mary L. McCrea, NACA I;
Principal Linda J. Brown, NACA II; and
Operator Cecil C. Gray, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D., NACA I & II / The Freedom and Democracy Schools
Superior Academics.
Superior Character Development.
Freedom & Democracy.

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